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India and Sri Lanka will Work Closely

10 Oct, 2015
Remarks during a meeting with representatives of the leading businessmen from Thindukkal, Tamilnadu will strengthen the relationship between India and Sri Lanka

    The visit of representatives of the leading businessmen from Thindukkal, Tamilnadu will strengthen the relationship between India and Sri Lanka. This will create the stronger economic ties and would help to enrich the Northern Province, said Mr.A.Natarajan, the CG of India in Jaffna. He made these remarks during a meeting with these representatives.

    I wish to welcome those who came from Tamilnadu. There are experts in the fields of handloom, vegetable and food item production in this team. The CG office established in Jaffna has been doing big scale help to the people here. You have insisted that the sales of Indian products must be encouraged here.

    There should be close ties with the people like this business relationship. India shows interests in the development of the economy of Sri Lanka. India and Sri Lanka will work closely. This will cause an economic boost in Sri Lanka. India believes that the economy of Sri Lanka, which had a long war, will be healed by these efforts.

    We should understand the techniques in import and export. Geographically, India is just a few nautical miles away from Sri Lanka. Economic development is the most important one for the development of a country.

    We will strive to strengthen the ties between Tamilnadu and Northern Province. The time now is the golden opportunity for improving business ties. This relationship is necessary with the other provinces too. Exports and imports are important to a country. We should create a harmony among us and should respect each other. This will be easily done since there are different experts in the representation panel today.

    Let us think of producing textile items which has more economic viability in this area. We may ask India to give technical support for this industry. There is a filial relationship with Tamilnadu and Jaffna. Mr. Raguram, the Chairperson of this representation today, is a highly respected gentleman from Tamilnadu. It is good to get expert knowledge from him.

    Our countries have enough markets. There can be new textile factories and farming of ground gramsi in Jaffna. These productions should multiply and Jaffna productions would have more demands from Tamilnadu in the future. We should concentrate on similar collaborations.

    I am glad to receive the representatives of the Tamilnadu businessmen


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